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Whether you need a highly maneuverable walk-behind floor scrubber or an industrial strength rider, McCall Handling has a complete line of Factory Cat machines to fit your needs. Factory Cat floor scrubbers feature powerful drive motors to climb the steepest ramps, and they are constructed of the finest and most durable materials. When you require a machine that can tackle your dirtiest jobs, this impressive line of industrial floor scrubbers has earned its reputation for toughness and productivity.


GTX (Disk) Factory Cat Scrubber

The GTX 26 or XR are world class rider scrubbers. The “Disk” machine boasts 50% more scrubbing power than the competition with unmatched water control, and it features removable thick steel side shrouds for easy brush access and adjustments.

Factory Cat Magnum Scrubber (Disk)

The Magnum scrubber delivers Factory Cat’s legendary cleaning power with the agility to go places that bigger rider scrubbers can’t. A “Disk” machine, Magnum provides a 35% power boost over the competition and features large polyurethane rollers to stop wall markings, as well as steel guards to protect the deck from damage when operating in tight spaces.

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Factory Cat Micro Scrubber

One of Factory Cat’s most nimble industrial floor cleaners, the Micro Scrubber features an ultra-compact design for cleaning in tight and congested spaces. With a 10-gallon tank and 3 hours of battery time, the Micro means exceptional productivity while its powerful brush motor gives it the strength to remove tire marks and heavy buildup as it cleans.

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Factory Cat MicroMag Scrubber

The MicroMag provides the same compact design as Factory Cat’s Micro, but with an all-gear transaxle traction drive for powerful climbing and easy operation. Small enough to maneuver between work benches and tables, yet strong enough to hold up to the demands of daily industrial use, the Micro is perfect for the “Do it Yourself” operator and service staff.

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Factory Cat Mini Scrubber – Pad Assist (Disk)

Built for economy and efficiency, the Mini is fitted with a 17-gallon tank and upgraded battery that can last up to 3.5 hours. As versatile as they come, this tough floor scrubber is extremely effective on uneven floors thanks to its power driven, gimbal-mounted brushes designed for consistent cleaning.

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Factory Cat MiniMag Scrubber – Traction Drive (Cylindrical)

As efficient as the Mini Scrubber with the same large tank and battery pack, the MiniMag uses a “Cylindrical” system, which increases productivity by sweeping up debris as it scrubs. Designed with the operator in mind, this easy-to-maneuver, agile machine auto-adjusts brush pressure to one of five settings and provides a real-time view of the systems running, battery life and scrubbing pressure.

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XR Factory Cat (Disk) Scrubber – Rider

Leave it to Factory Cat to design a compact and agile cleaner with the strength of the largest industrial equipment in the industry. The XR’s “Disk” system supplies an impressive 45% more power than the competition, and it features gimbaled brushes for even floor cleaning. With adjustable wipers and curtains for unmatched water control, this impressive machine is built to handle the toughest tasks with simplicity.

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