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McCall Handling Company is the authorized dealer for the Drexel, Bendi and Hyster brands and carries inventory of each. Our forklifts are available to own or rent. We have both new forklifts and used forklifts. We also offer forklift training and certification for operators of each model to keep your business running safely. These trusted brands are of the highest quality and value.

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Hyster Forklifts


Hyster offers a complete line of 130 forklift models for various kinds of applications. These forklifts operate on gasoline, LPG, diesel or electric power. Hyster forklifts are supported by a full warranty and great dealer support.

Hyster offerss the complete Fortis line of gas/LPG or diesel internal combustion forklifts. Hyster’s dependability and efficient value shows in each piece of equipment they manufacture.

 McCall Handling has been a Hyster dealer in Delaware and throughout the mid-Atlantic region for more than 65 years. Our long partnership with the brand is based on a mutual respect for the value we offer customers, in terms of the quality products we sell and the professionalism of our service. We’re your exclusive source for the latest and most sophisticated forklifts, lift trucks and other products by the Hyster company. We also offer preventative maintenance, warranty service, repairs, parts and more.

Hyster Equipment and Innovation

The complete lineup of Hyster heavy equipment encompasses not only internal combustion and gas lift trucks, but also container handlers, pallet stackers, reach trucks, order pickers and everything else necessary to meet all your material handling needs. 

Whether you’re working in a narrow aisle warehouse where moving products efficiently through tight spaces is a persistent challenge, or operate regularly in rough terrain that wears out lesser machines, there’s a Hyster product that will get the job done — while keeping your crew safe and your operating costs low. Follow the links below for more information about the current selection of Hyster products available at McCall Handling.

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Drexel Forklifts


Drexel is a leading manufacturer of very narrow aisle forklifts. Drexel specializes in internal combustion or electric-powered forklifts. They come in capacities of up to 12,000 pounds.

Swingmast® is also a standard feature on all SL-series lift trucks. If you’re looking for a product that will help you make the most out of a tight space, only a Drexel will do. With their very narrow aisle design, Swingmast®-equipped lift trucks effectively offer the combined capabilities of conventional counterbalanced truck, a reach truck, a sideloader and a turret truck. 

The complete lineup of Drexel lift trucks ranges from the SL30 to the SL120. The SL30 is capable of lifting 3000 pounds up to 312 inches in its quad mast configuration, and the SL120 is an ideal machine for heavy duty applications or any job requiring lift capacities up to 12,000 pounds. 

Drexel very narrow aisle forklifts offer proven solutions for storage space problems. Certain types of Drexel equipment are made to operate in flammable environments as well. Be sure to browse our selection of Drexel forklifts today! 

Why Drexel?

The unique design of Drexel’s front/side loading Swingmast® system allows operators to pivot loads up to 90 degrees and shift the mast head left or right — allowing for extreme positioning flexibility while remaining in place. You’ll spend less time turning around or making tedious adjustments that cut into your productivity.

While the majority of Drexel lift trucks feature an energy-efficient AC battery, select models run on LP gas — including the R40i4. To learn more, or for assistance choosing the best unit for your specific application, contact one of McCall Handling’s five locations today.

Explosion-Proof Drexel Lift Trucks 

In certain operating environments, investing in explosion-proof equipment is a vital safety consideration. McCall Handling offers the Drexel FL40 and FL60 EX lift trucks, both of which are UL listed for operation in Type EX Class I, Division I, Group D and Class II, Division I, Group G flammable hazardous areas.  

Powered by Drexel’s sophisticated 36 volt battery technology, the FL40 and FL60 lift loads of approximately 4000 and 6000 pounds at heights up to 250 inches. Other noteworthy features include an independently-driven front wheel drive and precise controls which deliver efficient operation while keeping your crew safe.   

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Bendi Forklifts


Bendi produces affordable very narrow aisle forklifts which can operate in aisles as narrow as 5’3”. Bendi forklifts come powered by electric or LPG in a range of capacities.

Bendi forklifts are an affordable way to keep your business running smoothly. This line of forklifts provides easy rotation and mobility for warehouse and other applications.

Bendi IC Forklifts

Other notable features include dual rear drive tires, a four wheel articulating lift, and a hydrostatic drive that provides superior braking and traction. The B40i4 comes standard with Landoll DuraSteer front wheel hydraulic steering for improved control and more accurate load placement. This can save the operator’s time and reduce safety risks.

With high speed capability, the B40i4 can climb steep hills even when carrying a full load — making it an ideal choice for use in rugged conditions where other machines can’t go. Use the B40i4 for loading and unloading trailers and shipping containers, or for any other indoor or outdoor work. Together, these working advantages add up to increased productivity, less liability and lower maintenance costs. You’ll benefit from a lifetime of exceptional value, regardless of which industry you’re in.

Bendi Electric Forklifts

Bendi forklifts are ideal for use in warehouses, manufacturing facilities, rail yards, and any other indoor or outdoor environment. The company has built a reputation for high quality narrow aisle machines capable of operating efficiently in push-back, double-deep rack and drive-in rack systems. All Bendi electric forklifts feature an advanced 48 volt electric control system and an efficient motor that delivers longer run times and lower operating temperatures, even in the most demanding conditions. 

Contact McCall Handling for Forklift Fleet Management Solutions

In addition to selling high quality Hyster, Drexel and Bendi forklifts, McCall Handling gives you the tools you need to make managing and operating your new equipment easy. We offer an inventory of over 2,000,000 parts and 24 hour emergency service to get your equipment up and running quickly in the event of an emergency. Contact our team directly to inquire about our education, training and consulting services — let us use our over 60 years of material handling experience to lower your cost of ownership, improve efficiencies and ensure on-the-job safety. Visit one of our five locations today for more information.

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