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Industrial sweepers are an integral part of any large operation. Industrial sweeper/scrubbers are used to clean large spaces at high speed, maximizing efficiency and allowing your business to continue operating smoothly. Industrial sweepers keep your work areas safe and clean to prevent accidents and meet safety standards, while making your job easier and increasing the efficiency of your staff. Plus, the return on your investment is great, as these sweepers last for many years.


McCall Handling carries Factory Cat industrial sweeper/scrubbers and cleaning products due to the quality of their products and the performance standards they uphold. With all of their products manufactured in the U.S., Factory Cat has been in the business of manufacturing heavy duty cleaning products for 30 years and has continued to maintain a quality standard unmatched in the industry.

Factory Cat industrial sweeper/scrubbers are heavy duty and provide powerful performance. Factory Cat produces a battery sweeper which has been used in mines, metal fabrication facilities and wood mills. This model provides a heavy duty cleaning ability like no other sweeper/scrubber on the market.

Available Products

As an authorized Factory Cat dealer, we carry the brand’s complete lineup of floor sweepers and hybrid scrubber/sweeper models. Choose from ride on and walk behind sweepers, or upgrade to a sweeper/scrubber unit and get two jobs done with the same machine. Factory Cat products make quick work of common debris including dirt, dust, metal shavings, bolts and more. All products feature solid steel construction and a dustless filter that won’t spread harmful allergens throughout your workspace. For more information, or to arrange a demo of any Factory Cat product, visit one of the five McCall Handling locations in Maryland, Delaware and Virginia today.

Whether you are interested in industrial scrubbers, industrial sweeper/scrubbers or more information on what you can do to clean your work environment, stop by McCall Handling today! We have professionals on staff full-time to address your specific business and financial needs. With 60 years in the industry, McCall Handling knows how to handle all brands and models of industry equipment, and will help you find the equipment that is right for you, matching your industrial sweeper to your business needs. Plus, McCall Handling offers financing options should you need them.

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