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Industrial trucks are meant to help an industry or company operate more easily and efficiently. Industrial trucks allow people to move large amounts of materials over horizontal paths without restrictions, such as in warehouses. Industrial trucks, primarily provide vertical movement. Industrial trucks are favored over conveyors when the cargo volume is very large and provide more flexibility than conveyors.

There are many types of industrial trucks available on the market today. Whether it is a sit-down forklift, stand on forklift or electric or manual pallet jack, industrial lift trucks are a crucial part of the warehousing, retail and manufacturing industries. These types of industrial trucks are not licensed to travel on public roads, rather they are used in business spaces. Nonetheless, some industrial vehicles are built to withstand rough terrain and improved surfaces.

Our Products

McCall Handling carries industrial trucks and used industrial equipment from some of today’s most reliable manufacturers:

  • Hyster: As a Hyster “Dealer of Distinction,” we are among the top tier of Hyster dealers in the country. We sell and service a complete lineup of Hyster industrial trucks running on gas, diesel, LPG or electric power. View our Hyster online showroom.

  • Bendi: Bendi narrow aisle forklifts are ideal for operating in tight spaces where maneuverability is a concern. Both electric and LPG models are available. View our Bendi online showroom.

  • Drexel: McCall Handling also carries industrial trucks from Drexel, including the FL series of swing mast lift machines. Visit one of our five locations for more information. View our Drexel online showroom.

Operating Industrial Trucks

 Operating an industrial truck is a privilege only for those who have been specifically trained and certified as operators. This equipment can be dangerous, as it deals with heavy cargo and is commonly used in tight spaces. That’s why McCall Handling offers a factory authorized forklift operation training program.

Being able to operate industrial trucks is a great skill to have. Industrial lift trucks enable businesses to have product flow very smoothly while increasing efficiency and output. With the newest innovations in ergo metrics, industrial trucks are easier and more comfortable to operate than ever before.

McCall Handling understands industrial trucks because we have been renting and selling many different models and types for over 65 years in Delaware, Virginia, Washington DC, West Virginia and Maryland. We offer equipment rental and sell entire fleets of the best name brands in industrial equipment, both new and used forklifts as well as used industrial equipment. See what kind of industrial lift truck your business could use today!

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