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Forklift Rentals Benefits


McCall Handling has a large fleet of forklift rentals. There are many benefits to renting a forklift versus buying. If you are not sure where your business will be in a few years down the road, renting may end up saving you money.

There are many things to consider when buying a new forklift, such as ergonomics, lift capability, fuel type and attachment options. Renting a forklift for a month can give you an idea of its capabilities and whether it works well for your business needs.

Another benefit of forklift rentals is that McCall Handling will take care of any service it may need at no additional charge. We carry many different models for you to choose from, so guaranteed we have the best one for you. Instead of investing in a large piece of equipment you may not be satisfied with in the future, rent the model and specification that is best for your business.

Renting is also a money-saver in the long term. You can continue to rent and have repairs done for months at a time. McCall Handling makes this process especially easy. Our forklift rentals are maintained by our full-time maintenance and repair technicians. We have a dispatcher service available 24 hours per day to serve your business and shorten any down time you may experience.

Forklift rentals are a great choice when your business is starting out or you are unsure of your business’ future. You can be sure that McCall Handling will handle any service issues you may experience and keep your business up and running. Come see why so many people have chosen McCall Handling for the past 60 years for their forklift rentals!

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