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Make Your Job Easier with Electric Forklifts

There are plenty of reasons why your warehouse could benefit from an electric forklift. Electric forklifts make your job easier and save you money on fuel costs. Electric forklifts also produce zero emissions, making them great for warehouses and closed spaces. Plus, if you’re using them indoors, they are quieter than gas, diesel or propane models.

If you’re looking for a new or used electric forklift, you’ve come to the right place. We offer a wide selection of today’s most trusted brands, as well as dependable used options. In addition to efficient electric forklifts, we also offer professional training and the parts and service you need to protect your investment.

Browse Our Electric Forklifts for Sale 

When you need an electric forklift for your warehouse, retail or industrial application, come to McCall Handling! We have a wide variety of new and used electric forklifts for sale. Hyster and other brands!

Save Money With a Used Electric Forklift 

Our electric forklifts can save you money in two major ways. First, a warehouse electric forklift from McCall Handling is easy to use – you won’t need to spend significant time and money training your staff. Secondly, using an industrial electric forklift will improve your team’s efficiency and can increase your bottom line.

Save even more money by buying a used electric forklift. Our inventory includes late-model, low-hour machines. Get the machine you need at a fraction of the cost of buying new.

Get the Most Out of Your New Electronic Forklift With McCall Handling Training

If your business needs any forklift operator training, we can manage the training process for you. We can certify your employees on the electric forklift they operate. Contact us today to learn about our effective and efficient training sessions.

Get the Electric Forklift Parts and Services You Need To Keep Moving

If you have an electric forklift that is not working properly, contact us today. McCall Handling sells forklift parts and offers complete forklift service for all competitive units, too. Don’t waste valuable time on inefficient electric forklifts. Let us optimize your equipment’s performance.

Have a Temporary Need for an Electric Forklift? Browse Our Rentals

Need an electric forklift for a short-term project? Check out our rental fleet!

We offer electric forklift rentals to companies in Maryland, Delaware, DC, West Virginia and Northern Virginia. Get more information on our forklift rentals.


Save on Energy Costs With Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles tend to have longer life spans than internal combustion units because they have fewer moving parts and operate cleaner than traditional vehicles. You can feel great about using an electric vehicle for your business because of the money you will save on energy costs.

Take Advantage of Special Financing

Electric vehicles from McCall Handling are comfortable, durable and easy to operate. Test drive one today and you will feel and hear the difference electric vehicles can make!

McCall Handling’s electric industrial vehicles are top of the line and can help improve the productivity of your business while saving energy. We even offer financing options and other Allied forklifts and products. Whether you need to rent an electric vehicle or are ready to buy, we have new and used electric vehicles to suit your industry!

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