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Volume is key in any warehousing or retail application. When you move more, you can make more. With McCall Handling, you can give your operators the power to get more done.

McCall Handling is proud to offer Hyster motorized hand lift trucks and Hyster electric pallet jacks that can streamline your warehouse operation with unmatched maneuverability. Hyster manufactures and markets a wide range of motorized hand lift trucks designed to meet the toughest warehousing and retail needs.

For over 80 years, Hyster has provided the innovative and reliable machines that retail and warehouse operations rely on. They have set the industry standard for quality. Hyster demands the highest quality for every aspect of the manufacturing process — from design to delivery. They even employ a team of supplier quality engineers to monitor the components and services that go into the manufacturing, after-marketing, and support of their motorized hand lift trucks and electric pallet jacks.

At McCall Handling, you’ll find walkie, walkie/riders, walkie/rider pallet jacks, and reach and straddle stackers.

We carry:

  • Walkie Motorized Hand Low Lift Pallet Trucks
  • Walkie / Rider Motorized Hand Pallet Trucks
  • Walkie Stacker Motorized Hand Pallet Trucks

Enjoy Better Control and Maneuverability With Hyster Walkie Jacks

Hyster designed the pallet truck walkie series for a range of tasks with operator control in mind. Standard creep speed is available on the W45ZHD, W50Z and W40Z models. This feature improves maneuverability as they can be operated with the handle in the full upright position. This puts your operators closer to the loads, which means better visibility. 

The walkie series also features fingertip control. With pallet positioning and hand aids steering, those hard-to-reach spots are no longer a challenge. The Auto Deceleration System provides a longer life and less downtime by automatically decelerating the truck when the operator releases the accelerator.

A Machine You Can Rely On 

When you choose a Hyster, you’re getting a reliable piece of equipment designed to work more — with less maintenance required. Hyster pallet trucks and Hyster electric pallet jacks are built with fewer parts and simplified wiring. That translates to less downtime and easier servicing.

A Host of Exclusive Options 

Take advantage of exceptional maneuverability and industry exclusive options, such as the W40Z Freighter’s Special Environmental packages including the Cooler / Freezer Package and the W50Z/W45ZHD Extreme Corrosion/ Wash Down Package. From grocery and department stores to loading docks and general warehousing and storage, Hyster electric pallet jacks and motorized hand lift trucks are making it easier to get the job done.

A Hyster “Dealer of Distinction”

As a factory-authorized Hyster dealer, we strive to exemplify the brand’s reputation for quality service and industry leadership in everything we do. Our efforts were recognized in 2012, when we were one of just 14 dealers nationwide named a “Dealer of Distinction.”

View our inventory of Hyster equipment here.

We Service What We Sell

McCall Handling is committed to providing long-term service and support to every client. This commitment is a large part of why we’ve been a leading provider of material handling solutions since 1948.

A Hyster electric pallet jack doesn’t require much regular maintenance. However, any work should be completed by a professional with the training and experience to do the job right.

McCall Handling will coordinate with you to come up with a maintenance schedule for your purchase. We offer several flexible levels of service based on your requirements, your budget and your internal capability. Investing a little every month in preventative maintenance for your pallet jack has many key benefits:

  • Reliability: The biggest benefit to preventative maintenance for an electric pallet jack is reliability. Regularly maintained equipment is more likely to deliver the performance and productivity you require of it, day after day. Proactive service may also be able to spot problems before they lead to downtime. When you know in advance that work is required, you can schedule repairs at your convenience.
  • Savings: Sudden, unexpected downtime with an electric pallet jack may result in big repair bills and countless hours of lost productivity. Our preventative maintenance plans give you peace of mind and predictability for a small monthly fee. They also make budgeting easier, as you know ahead of time what your service costs are likely to be.
  • Safety: A well-maintained electric pallet jack is essential to on-the-job safety. Easy-to-use Hyster machines leave little room for operator error. As a result, a large percentage of accidents are the result of equipment failure due to negligence. Regular maintenance helps eliminate that risk through routine inspections and scheduled replacement of wearable parts.
  • Value: Preventative maintenance extends the life of a pallet jack. As a result, your initial investment in a Hyster jack will last longer. Should you decide to sell or upgrade, you’ll command a higher resale value for your machine.

Working with McCall Handling is the best way to keep your motorized pallet jacks in peak condition for longer. Our technicians are trained to work on all makes and models of equipment, and have access to an inventory of more than 2 million parts. We quickly complete both routine service and emergency repairs, working around your schedule to minimize disruption to your operation.

Electric Pallet Jack Rental

In addition to our extensive inventory of electric pallet jacks for sale, we also rent high-quality, low-hour units. Renting is an ideal solution if you have short-term material handling needs or if you want to try out a potential purchase before you buy.

All rental units are delivered fully serviced and ready to take on any job. If you’re unsure which of our rental jacks is right for the job, we’ll go over your requirements and recommend the best option. On-site training is also available. For more information, visit our Rentals page or contact a McCall Handling representative directly.

Explore Our Inventory of Power Pallet Jacks for Sale

If you’re looking for a motorized hand lift truck, no company has the award-winning combination of experience and expertise that McCall Handling does. We can help you analyze your needs and budget to select the product that’s right for you.

See the latest models in person at one of our five locations in Dundalk (Baltimore), Delmar, Forestville, Williamsport and Chantilly, or you can call us toll free at 888-870-0685 for more information.


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