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Factory Cat is a name you can trust for industry-leading performance and durability in both push behind and ride-on floor sweepers. What sets its products apart is a dedication to using only high-quality componentry, hefty fabrications and nearly 100% stainless steel fasteners. That’s not to mention Factory Cat’s commitment to fitting its machines with powerful, oversized motors to ensure no matter how dirty the task, its floor sweepers will swallow it up and be ready for more.

McCall Handling Company proudly offers a complete line of Factory Cat products, including a variety of floor sweeper solutions. Since 1948 we’ve been committed to “Lifting our customers to new heights in productivity” by carrying the strongest, most dependable products to save you time, money and improve overall efficiency. We invite you to shop our selection of Factory Cat Sweepers and contact us for a quote today!


34 Walk Behind Factory Cat Sweeper

The nimble 34 Walk Behind may feature a compact design, but there’s nothing light-duty about its performance. The all-steel construction and oversized components mean this is one piece of cleaning machinery that will give you a return on your investment. Built to stand up to the demands of collecting the dirt, metal shavings and bolts commonly found in industrial factories, the 34 Walk Behind leaves the competition in its dust.

Strong and maneuverable, this Factory Cat floor sweeper features side brooms to pick up hard-to-reach dirt stuck in corners and along walls. Under the machine a large tubular broom effectively collects dirt and debris, packing it into an over-sized capacity steel hopper. A powerful second stage vacuum serves to trap excess dust into a polypropylene felt “baghouse” filter, leaving the floors of your factory or workspace spotlessly clean. The efficient system and filter mean less work and upkeep for a user-friendly experience and maximum productivity.


TR Rider Factory Cat Floor Sweeper

Looking for a factory sweeper with the capacity to vacuum an entire bag of cement in one pass without leaving a spec of dust? You’ll find it in the TR Rider, Factory Cat’s fulfilled promise of superior construction and design. The TR Rider gives you all the maneuverability of the 34 Walk Behind with the comfort and increased power of a ride-on industrial floor sweeper. Built of nearly 100% stainless steel fasteners and fitted with an oversized motor, this is one Factory Cat product is built to absorb the heaviest dirt and debris your factor floor can serve up.

With a battery running time ranging between 4 and 7 hours and drive speeds up to 4 mph, the TR Rider is sure to increase productivity on your factory floor. Fitted with Factory Cat’s effective side brooms, a huge tubular main broom and second stage vacuum, this hard-working floor sweeper will not only clean up everything in its path, it will get into hard-to-reach corners other sweepers can’t. And with a hopper / tank capacity of 4.2-cubic feet, the TR Rider goes further and collects more dust, dirt and debris without surrendering valuable time to frequent unloading.

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