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Manual Pallet Jacks

Manual pallet jacks from McCall Handling provide exceptional maneuverability in compact areas and standard polyurethane wheels and rollers for rolling ease. Manual pallet jacks come in a variety of fork widths and lengths to meet your needs.

What Are Manual Pallet Jacks?


A manual pallet jack is a hand-powered lift truck used to lift and move heavy loads. Manual pallet jacks can be used in any warehouse, manufacturing plant or job site.

Benefits of Using a Manual Pallet Jack

There are a number of reasons why hand-powered pallet jacks remain a popular choice in warehouses throughout the United States. For many operators, the most important consideration is price; if your material handling needs are light, a manual unit is far more cost-effective than a powered jack or forklift. A second important consideration is safety. Manual pallet jacks require no special license to operate, and safe operating procedures can be quickly taught on the job. Manual pallet jacks are typically used to move loads up to 5000 lbs. or more. For more information about whether or not a manual pallet jack is right for your business, contact McCall Handling today.

How to Use a Manual Pallet Jack

One key benefit of manual pallet jacks is they require little training to operate. As a result, onboarding new staff is fast and easy. Using a manual jack to lift a pallet takes only a few steps:

  • Identify the release lever. The release lever slowly lowers a raised pallet to the desired height. Find it near the jack’s handle.
  • Lower the prongs. When you’re ready to lift a new pallet, press the release lever to lower the prongs all the way to the floor.
  • Roll the prongs underneath the pallet. With the prongs fully lowered, the jack should slide under the pallet with no problems.
  • Lift the pallet. To raise a manual pallet jack, pull the handle toward you. Go slowly at first as you familiarize yourself with the machine.
  • Check to ensure the pallet is safely raised. It should rest firmly on the jack’s prongs with the bottom approximately 7” off the floor.
  • Move the pallet into place. When the load is secure, push the pallet where it needs to go. Never pull a loaded pallet jack. To lower it into place, press the release lever.

Operating a manual pallet jack is simple, though it’s important to follow all steps and exercise appropriate caution at all times. If you’d like to arrange on-site training for your team, contact McCall Handling directly.

Other Safety Precautions

Other things you should be aware of when using a manual pallet jack include:

  • Load capacity. Different manual pallet jacks are rated to handle different loads. Most units can carry up to 5500 lbs. Never exceed a unit’s rated capacity, and always be careful when moving heavier objects.
  • Foot and hand safety. Feet or hands should never be placed underneath a raised pallet jack.
  • Ground conditions. Work slowly to avoid being caught off guard by changing ground conditions. Be especially careful when moving up or down an incline.
  • Stress injuries. Moving or lifting a pallet jack may cause back strain and hand injuries. Be careful and don’t force yourself into a position that causes pain when working with a heavy load.

One of the best things you can do to prevent an accident or injury when working with a manual pallet jack is to maintain your equipment properly. Manual pallet jacks don’t require much ongoing service, though it’s important to lubricate parts as necessary and perform routine visual inspections for signs of damage.

Manual Pallet Jack Repair and Service

If you suspect your manual pallet jack isn’t working the way it should be, don’t risk an accident. Contact McCall Handling for assistance. In addition to having one of the best selections of new and used manual pallet jacks for sale in the Mid-Atlantic region, we’re also an exclusive source of service for all makes and models.

We have an extensive inventory of pallet jack parts on hand and will quickly perform any repair to the manufacturer’s specifications. Call us today to request a quote for any job.

Manual Pallet Jacks in Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia, Delaware and West Virginia

McCall Handling services the Baltimore, Maryland, Washington DC, Alexandria, Virginia, Sussex County Delaware and Martinsburg, West Virginia, as well as the surrounding areas. With 5 locations in 3 states, be sure to look to McCall Handling for your manual pallet jack needs.

McCall Handling also has electric pallet jacks available.

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