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    “The MEMS Difference”

How confident are you that you’re getting the most out of your forklift fleet? If you’re not doing everything possible to optimize your forklift fleet’s performance, it’s likely your operating costs are much higher than they should be, which is probably taking a big bite out of your company’s bottom line.

If yours is like the vast majority of companies in the Mid-Atlantic region, you may be doing very little to actively manage your forklift fleet at all. With the never-ending demands that are placed on a business owner’s time these days, forklift fleet management sometimes gets pushed to the backburner. That’s when cost-effective, user-friendly equipment management solutions may prove to be an invaluable asset to your business.

The right forklift fleet management tool may help you get a better handle on your forklift costs. You’ll learn how every dollar that goes toward things like maintenance and repairs is being spent, helping you to pinpoint and correct inefficiencies. You’ll also be able to discover the true cost of ownership for every lift truck in your fleet — which might actually surprise you.

Turn to McCall Handling for Your Equipment Management Solutions

McCall Handling has been providing the best forklift solutions for companies throughout the Mid-Atlantic region since 1948. Over 6 decades of Trust, Service, Commitment and Quality is now at your fingertips. The McCall Equipment Management Solution (MEMS) provides our clients with the knowledge in a format that allows them to maximize their forklift fleet at the lowest possible cost. MEMS is backed by the expertise and experience that has made McCall Handling the most reliable forklift solutions provider in the region.

    “We don’t promise results, we deliver results”

Our Equipment Management Solutions Help You Make Better Decisions

Our data-driven equipment management solutions take all of the guesswork out of the forklift fleet management process. Rather than having to rely on intuition or waiting until a costly, unexpected mechanical failure occurs to take action, you’ll have access to timely, accurate information that allows you to make the best decisions at the right time. MEMS allows you, the customer, to make decisions in real time. Understanding where to invest your repair and replacement moneys is crucial in maximizing your return on your investment.  MEMS shows you the way.

Key Forklift Fleet Management System Features and Benefits

MEMS is a comprehensive equipment management solution packed with a wide variety of valuable features and benefits including: 

  • Online live invoicing
  • Know what equipment inventory you have and where it is located
  • Provides real time tracking to maximize asset utilization
  • Information to right size your assets through fleet optimization
  • Provides easy service scheduling and PM tracking
  • Know what repairs are most common, understanding what affects costs
  • Your spending is 100% visible and includes total cost of ownership for each unit
  • Detailed and totally customized reporting

With an effective forklift fleet management solution such as MEMS at your disposal, you get answers to key questions such as whether it’s time to replace a lift truck, whether your forklifts are spending too much time idling and not enough time lifting, whether you should add to or reduce your fleet, and whether your forklifts are at the right place at the right time. It may also serve as a useful training tool for improving operator performance.   

            MEMS = More Efficient, More Savings 

Contact Us to Learn More About MEMS

Before you make that costly decision, contact McCall Handling Company and one of our representatives will discuss the value of our McCall Equipment Management Solution program. We’ll also take the time to gain a thorough understanding of your business, which enables us to provide a custom-tailored equipment management solution that may meet your long-term fleet management requirements. Let MEMS and McCall Handling help you take your business to a higher level!


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