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Do you want to add a high-quality forklift to your heavy equipment fleet, but don’t want to make a major investment in a brand-new machine? Buying used forklifts is a great alternative to consider. McCall Handling offers a variety of used forklifts for sale in the Mid-Atlantic region from Hyster, Bendi, Drexel and other leading manufacturers.

Used Forklifts Could Save You Plenty of Money

Used or reconditioned forklifts can provide substantial cost savings. If you are just starting your business, a fleet of used forklifts can be the best value for your dollar. If you’re simply looking for a cost-effective equipment upgrade, a dependable used forklift can provide the solution you need without taking a big bite out of your budget. In fact, the price of a used forklift is sometimes half the price of a brand-new model.

Other Reasons to Take a Look at Used Forklifts for Sale

Aside from the obvious cost savings when buying used equipment, there are a number of additional reasons you might not wish to purchase a new unit. Unlike a brand-new forklift, which can take weeks to arrive from the factory and may require expensive additional tooling, a used product can be delivered immediately in full working order. Additionally, if your crew is comfortable using a certain model of forklift that is no longer available, purchasing a quality used replacement for an aging unit can save the expense and hassle of having to re-train your operators. You also have greater flexibility. You can choose an almost-new model that has many advanced features, or an older unit that gets the job done without all of the bells and whistles.

Flexible Financing Options Available With Our Used Forklifts

We realize that buying used equipment is still a huge business decision. At McCall Handling, we want to make your forklift buying experience the best it can be by offering flexible financing options that eliminate the need to pay for your used forklift upfront. By paying for your forklift over time, you can free up additional capital you can apply to other areas of your business. We will work with you to develop a financing plan that fits your budget.

We Back Our Used Forklifts With Superior Customer Service

We offer forklift services to maintain your equipment to the highest possible standards. Should any issues with your used forklift arise, our experienced technicians, management and care representatives are here to help you get up and running again as quickly as possible. We have a dispatch service open 24 hours a day, as well as full-time service estimators. Our customized billing processes make servicing your used forklift convenient and worry-free.  

Contact the McCall Handling pre-owned sales team to learn more about the benefits of buying a used forklift in Maryland or anywhere else in the Mid-Atlantic region.

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